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How much should one worry about a high cholesterol count?

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I was diagnosed with a 250 "bad" cholesterol count, but also have a high"good" cholesterol count. I don't want to take statin drugs if I don't have to.
asked Oct 17, 2013 in Medicine by Catherine Galloway Curious Newbie (123 points)

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1 Answer

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Get enouugh exersize, skip on sweets and sodas, eat whole grains, greens and moderate meats and poultry, just all around common sense diet. The more you eat the more you work out, the more your body works to heal itself the healthier you will be. No one in the past needed any kid of hard core drugs mainly because most of them has active lives, they walked around from one place to another, they visited friends, family and relatives helping them establish and maintain good healthy social connections, its been proven having more social connections be it from church,school, work or even neighborhood is good for the heart, mind and body.Keep all three healthy and you wont need to take drugs to lower your cholesterol. Your body will do it for you. Since the invention of the TV and McDonalds aswell as Coke there are more people out there with cholesterol issues heart attacks, diabetes, stroke..even deadly habits like smoking havent been banned..its all politics..they want you to be unhealthy to eat all those donuts,ice cream, pork, bacon and smoke a cig or two or three or four, drink them beers heck take a shot or two..so you can enroll in high cost insurance that lines their pockets making you weak and them strong..sorry kind of went off course with that one..but seriously..you are in charge of your health..think healthy take control of your life and start living it. Good luck :-)
answered Nov 11, 2013 by PAKIR Curious Newbie (146 points)
selected Nov 11, 2013 by Catherine Galloway